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  1. Bonobo’s Sunday night DJ set at What the Festival?! in the White River Canyon of Oregon on July 30, 2012. I went up on the hillside at the beginning of his set to get some quick footage of the lights and scenery, cuz it was all so lovely, and ended up accidentally leaving my Flip camera recording the whole thing from the hill! So this is an unintentional video, not the greatest view or sound, but turning it up, listening to it on headphones or decent speakers, gives some sense of being there, luxuriating in the sweet sounds of Simon Green on the decks. Lots of remixes from “Black Sands” and some new songs too.

    I also love that the video captures me dancing and making out with my sweetheart HT!

    Visit my website Destination Burning Man for music mixes, photos and commentary from What the Festival?! at

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